Florida Keys Fishing Charters

Over Under Adventures offers Florida Fishing Packages out of both Islamorada, the Sportfishing Capital of the World and Key West. Join us for the Florida Keys Fishing adventure of a lifetime! Whether you are looking for a complete Florida Keys Fishing Vacation, or just a single day or half day charter, give us a call to schedule your next Islamorada Fishing Trip. In both Islamorada and Key West, we specialize in light tackle live-bait fishing. We offer both offshore/reef fishing trips as well as backcountry fishing trips here in the Florida Keys. We chase Tarpon, Tuna, Sailfish, Grouper, and Snapper with both our Backcountry Fishing boat and Center Console Fishing Charter Boats.

We have many other fishing tirp options here in Islamorada and Key West. Please call us to discuss your preferred mix of Backcountry, Offshore, and Reef fishing when you visit the Florida Keys.

Light Tackle Fishing Charters are a specialty of ours in the Florida Keys. If you need a boat capable of getting you to the fishing ground quickly, with plenty of live bait for your trip, then you should consider OU for your next Islamorada Fishing Trip. Ou boats are all specifically setup for live bait fishing Florida Keys Style. Light tackle, spinning and convential setups are used, and we are also able to pursue all species of big game and back country fish on fly.

Over Under Adventures currently is the largest charter boat operator on the East Coast with Charter Fishing Boats operating in North Carolina, New Jersey, Ocean City, MD, the Bahamas, Key West Charters and here in Islamorada, Florida Keys. We use quality Penn Fishing Tackle on all our Islamorada Fishing Charters, and all our Charter Boats for that matter.

If you’d like to view our main web-site, be sure to visit www.OverUnderCharters.com

This spring be sure to join us in North Carolina as when we begin our Cape Hatteras Fishing Charters for Tuna, Marlin, Dolphin and Wahoo!

Types of Fishing

Fishing the wrecks & reef of the Florida Keys is an exciting & rewarding fishing experience.

The Wrecks

Scattered all over the Florida Keys you’ll find hundreds of wrecks…some in shallow water and some in deep water with the largest concentration off of Key West out to the Dry Tortugas. Some of these wrecks were sunk on purpose while others found their fate in storms. The deeper wrecks are fished from 100′-250′ and tend to hold the larger, loner fish. The shallower wrecks hold large amounts of schooling fish. All of them are worth visiting for the fishing and adventure offering a mixed bag of fish such as Amber Jacks, Groupers, Cobia, Snappers, Permit, Barracudas, Sharks, Kingfish, Goliath Groupers, Groupers and More.

The Reefs

The only living coral reefs in the continental US are located right here in the Florida Keys. These reefs stretch from Miami all the way past the Dry Tortugas holding vast amounts of different species of fish. Reef Fishing in the Keys presents all sorts of action as it is not uncommon to catch 20 different species of fish in one day! You can fish shallow on patch reefs in 15-35 feet of water or head to 80-130 feet for some mid-size reefs. For the venturesome explore depths up to 700 feet using electric reels for deep dropping. When fishing the reefs you’ll find bottom fish such as Groupers & Snappers along wtih some Pelagic species like Kingfish, Mackerel, Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish, Dolphin and more.

The Over Under fishing guides are well versed on different fishing techniques to give you the best fishing adventure possible. With many years of experience they will work with you to teach you the tricks of the trade. Different methods of fishing are used such as bottom fishing, drift baiting, kite fishing, trolling and live baiting.

Generally these types of trips are four, six & eight hours long depending on you. We keep these charters limited to four people or less to ensure a comfortable trip for all. You will find our Light Tackle Center Consoles perfect for this type of fishing experience.



A  playground for big & little kids!!!

Here’s a fun fishing trip catered to the whole family. In a stress-free environment there’s only one goal…to have fun with an added bonus of catching fish. Here’s a great chance for anglers who are just starting out to fish the waters of the Florida Keys. A perfect introduction to the sportfishing world and the kids will have a ball with hours of entertainment…even without a TV!! Patch Reef Fishing is great for the kids and adults alike.  On the inshore reefs, you can typically catch grouper, mangrove snapers, yellowtail snappers, muttons, mackeral, and even some cobia and permit!. \ There’s lots of amazing marine life such as Stingrays, Sharks, Spotted eagle rays, Turtles and Dolphins. We can create an ideal adventure for you and your family. Just let us know exactly what you would like to do and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Snorkeling, beachcombing & sunsetting can all be part of the plan. If the weather is good we can even venture offshore to show you some real reef fishing. We can even cater your day with breakfast & lunch! Whatever it takes!

Islamorada Sailfish Charters

We are currently having one of the best sailfish bites in many years here in Islamorada!

Islamorada Sailfishing normally runs November through April with the peak varying each year. Some years are better than others but you’ll find that sailfishing in the Florida Keys is world class fishing every year. The sailfish often start pouring through on the backside of cold fronts starting as early as October. When the condidtions are right, it is possible to catch 15 or more Sailfish in one outing. Of course, there are days when you can’t find a single one, but that’s fishing. Plan your trip in the winter months of December and january for your best shot at catching the most Florida Keys Sailfish!


Sailfishing from Key Largo to Marathon is our zone and in that zone one will find many productive spots in which sailfish will feed. The bait we get to choose from can vary from goggle eyes, cigar minnows and ballyhoo’s.

Now depending on what the conditions are will determine on the Captains’ course of action. The fish could be pushed up in the shallow water 15ft to 35ft, showering bait and swimming in the sand. This is great fun as all we do is cast to fish all day, no riggers.

Contact us at 1-866-682-8862 to book your next sailfish charter today!

Fishing the  Dry  Tortugas,  Florida Keys is an exciting & rewarding fishing experience

The Dry Tortugas and Marquesas

Leaving from either Key West or Islamorada, you’ll board our Dry Tortugas Charter Boat, THAT’S RIGHT for a multi-day fishing excursion to the Marquesas Keys and waters surrounding the Dry Tortugas, that you’ll not soon forget. THAT’S RIGHT has the added bonus of being able to accomodate more than six anglers. All Tortugas Fishing Packages include meals, fishing expenses, bait, tackle, and a great time. Over Under Adventures specializes in packaged fishing trips and has operations in the Bahamas, Florida Keys, North Carolina, New Jersey, and Maryland.

ver Under Adventures offers two to four day live-aboard Dry Tortugas Fishing Charters.

Sample Rates (Two and Three Nights)

4 People  $5500 –  $7500

  5 People  $5750 – $7750

6 People  $6000 – $8000

Call 866 682-8862 for your custom quoted package


The Tortugas is a botttom fisherman’s paradise! Huge Yellowtail Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Red, Black, and Gag Grouper all are abundant. The King Mackeral bite can be absolutely sick at times and if sailfish is your cup of tea, the Tortugas is another great place to catch them. Again, the Tortugas has been well protected and the fish life on the Tortugas Reefs shows it. Limit catches are the norm on Florida Keys Charters to the Dry Tortugas, so bring your coolers!


Florida Keys Fishing – Offshore Gulfstream Charters – Islmorada, FL
Offshore of Islamorada you will find the deep sea fishing grounds where we hunt for Dolphin, Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfiish, Sharks and more! There’s nothing like experiencing the dance of the sailfish or seeing the splendid colors of dolphin in the water. The run to the Gulfstream is only 10-15 miles here in the Florida Keys! Typically, April through November is the best time to head offshore in search of Dolphin, Tuna, Wahoo, and Billfish. During the winter months we tend to hang on the reef, fishing for Sailfish and Bottom Fishing here in the Florida Keys. The humps offshore of Islmorada are loaded with bait and typically the Blackfin Tuna and Amberjack are thick. The Dolphin fishing is some of the best in the world, and not many people realize we have excellent Wahoo Fishing as well. All this within 10-20 miles of our Florida Keys Shorline.

Typical Florida Keys Charters

For those who don’t have the time or just want to spend a little less time in the sun, why not atleast get a half a day in! The run to the fishing grounds here in Islamorada is short, so half day Florida Keys Fishing Charters are a viable option. The morning charters typically depart around 7:00am, returning to the marina about 11:30am. The afternoon charter will leave at 1:00pm, returning about 5:30 pm. On your half day Islmorada Fishing Charter, you are likely to be fishing some of our spectacular reefs for Yellowtail, Grouper, Mutton Snapper, Cobia, Permit, or Sailfish. We have so many choices, it just depends what’s biting and what you are most interested in catching. All our tackle is the best Penn has to offer, so rest assured everything is in tip top shape! If you’d like you can even take a quick dip in the warm waters inshore. Finally we will clean your catch for you and just about anywhere you go the restaurants will be happy to cook it for you!! The best thing about a half day is you will find it to be the most relaxing 4 hrs you’ve had in a long time!! alk to your Florida Keys Fishing Guide and or Captain, and ask what the options are! Communication is the key to having a great Fishing Trip here in the Florida Keys! Call us at 1-866-OUA-TUNA to book your next fishing trip!
This is the most popular Charter trip in Islamorada Florida. The fishing day will last about 8 hours, and typically you will leave the Marina about 7:00am. The day starts with catching live bait, which will consist of ballyhoo’s, cigar minnows, pilchards, small bluerunners and grunts as need to be ready for just about anything we may encounter. We could be sitting on the bait patch and the cobias swim up you better have some grunts and a rod ready because it happens quick! Once we are done with our bait fishing we break out the best Penn has to offer. Light Spinning tackle allows great action for all and it’s easy to use. Our mates keep fresh Penn or Suffix line on all the gear and, of coarse the best hooks out today which are Mustad and Eagle Claw. Full Days here in the Florida Keys allow for multiple types of fishing for many species all in the same day. Everything here is based on conditions, so we all work together as the day goes along. This way if the conditions are making up somewhere along the reef edge we will know about it. Most our mornings are spent riding the reef edge looking for a reason, such as current, water color and bait. It’s tricky for the conditions can be so different in as little as a mile apart so one has to pay close attention. Now we will do whatever type of fishing you desire! Sailfish on the fly, bottomfishing and deep drop, reef fishing, sharks and barracudas, it doesn’t matter as we are well prepared. The Captain will always keep you informed on what he feels is the best bet and please remember we like to keep the rod bent as much as possible. It’s your day so please let us know as it’s important to us.Typically we like to anchor down for awhileand catch some dinner, maybe some to take home with you. Relax and take it all in, eat some lunch and fish some more. As the afternoon creeps up on us we will move back out over the edge. We fish several lines out of the riggers and one down near the bottom. Hope to find some sailfish, mackerals, or perhaps a nice big grouper or mutton snapper. The reef for us here goes from Key Largo down to Marathon which is a wonderful stretch of water and a wide area for us to fish.

Specialty Florida Keys Charters

Florida Keys Swordfishing has become quite good over the past several years. This increase in our Swordfish stock is directly related to the closure of the commercial fishery for Swordfish in the Gulfstream. We offer both daytime and nighttime swordfish charters. Often you catch more fish during the evening when the swords come up in the water column to feed on squid and bait fish. The swords live on the bottom during the day which requires fishing from 800 to 2000′ feet deep! This is quite an experience and something you must witness first hand to believe. Often the bite is almost instant when you hit the bottom with your squid, mackeral, or strip bait. If things continue on their present track, the Florida Keys is likely to offer one of the best shots in the world at catching sworfish. It is almost a sure thing all ready, and the next couple years should only see the swordfish stock continue to increase. Come give us a ring if you are interested in experience the thrill of a Florida Swordfish Charter! Call 866 682 8862 to book your next Florida Keys Fishing Trip!
Night Reef Fishing trips out of Islamorada are a great way to fill an evening. If you think the Yellowtail bite is good during the day, wait until you see them feed at night! These fish are primarily nocturnal and when the sun goes down and the chum bag goes in the water, often times the Yellowtail will swarm to the boat. Mutton Snapper Fishing is also a great night time activity. The Mutton Snapper are another fish that primarily like to feed at night. While you are chumming and yellowtailing on the reef here in Islmorada, be sure to drop a live speedo or cigar minnow down to the bottom. You will most likely hook into some Mutton Snapper or even a Grouper. Sharks are also a nocturnal feeding reef fish here in Islamorada, so you are almost certain to encouter sharks on your night Reef Fishing trip here in the Florida Keys.
Sharks! just the word strikes fear into people that enjoy the water. Some folks were afraid to merely take a shower years after the movie Jaws. Sharks are the ultimate predator. With Speed, Power and brute strength matched with the keenest sense of smell the Shark deserves its title as the ultimate predator. Sharks Everywhere…. Here in the Florida Keys and Key West we have an abundance of sharks, each of them unique in their own way. With as many species of sharks the Florida Keys enjoys yet another fishery that makes it more impressive as the Sportfishing capitol of the world. The species one can expect to target here are: Bull Sharks, Lemmon Sharks, Bonnet head sharks, Black tip Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks, Spinner Sharks, American Sharp nosed Sharks and Nurse Sharks Just to name the more popular species. Where We Go Fishing For Sharks Here in Islamorada Shark fishing charters are mostly done in the shallows near the flats and near shore reefs all up and down the Florida Keys. There are few things that will get an anglers heart pounding faster than a 300lb Bull shark Swimming right up to take the bait off the surface just feet away from the boat. Shark fishing is also done around the bridges and in the channels both day and night. Ask your guide when you contact him where, when and how he or she fishes. Lots of Shots! Shark fishing may be one of the more rewarding fishing charters available with a catch ratio much greater than our other sport fish species. For example a 4 hour charter generally will offer shots at 3 or 4 big Sharks. For an angler who wants to tangle with something really big Shark fishing may be the way to go for your day on the water. No Experience Required! Experience is not necessary for shark fishing here in the Keys. The guides we have listed all cater to all levels of experience and show you how to catch the fish of a lifetime. This is a great experience for kids ages 4 and up. Shark fishing guides can adjust the size of the fish to make it easier or harder but always a rewarding experience for a new angler. Bring your camera. Quality Penn Fishing Tackle The tackle used is up to the angler. The choices include, Fly Fishing, Spin Fishing with Plugs and Artificial lures and Heavy Tackle baited rods for the larger more aggressive species. All of our shark fishing guides will have what you need to land the big one. Release Sharks For Tomorrow’s Enjoyment! Treatment of these animals is the shark fishing guides responsibility and each one does it differently. Most Florida Keys fishing guides all release sharks that are caught for sport so they can live to play again and handling them near the boat is done in the best interest of the shark.
Florida Keys Snorkling and Lunch Trips Fun for the whole family, once again snorkeling in Islamorada.  The reefs here in the Florida Keys are so close, you can be snorkling in spectacular waters in only about 10 minutes.  Within 5 miles of our Florida Keys Shorline, you will find more than enough reefs to keep you busy for many hours.  We have found that after a couple hours of snorkling and taking in the breath taking scenery of our inshore Florida Keys Reefs, most folks are ready for FOOD!  and maybe a beverage or two or four. Make a stop at any of our drive up (by boat) restaurants and finish off the morning sipping a cold beer and enjoying some fresh sea-food or just a good burger. On the reefs here in Islamorada you will see Yellowtail Snapper, Grouper, Mutton Snapper, lots of tropical fish, turtles, rays, and so much more. The reefs off the Florida Keys have been extremely well protected and it shows. So long as visibility is good, you can see up to 100 feet at times! Florida Keys Snorkling trips can be arranged for groups of up to 22 people! This is a private Snorkeling Trip! Your own group, up to 22 people snorkeling Islamorada Reefs!
The Dry Tortugas, Marquesas Keys, and surrounding waters, offers some of the best fishing and diving in the world. Grouper, Mutton Snapper, Yellowtail, Permit, Cobia, Tarpon…..the list goes on and on. Off the reef, you have chances at Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Dolphin. Our 2 and 3 night Dry Tortugas Charters, offer a great opportunity to fish some of the most unspoiled fishing grounds in the United States. The run is about 1 1/2 hours to the fishing grounds, when fishing Key West. Typically, the boat departs at 9:00am on the first day and will return at approximately 9:00am the last day of your trip. In the evenings we anchor in the Marquesas and outside Dry Tortugas Natinoal Park. The Marquesas Keys provides us with great access to some of the best inshore light tackle fishing around. Charter Flight directly into Key West is available from our affilitate, Over Under Aviation are also available. Please contact us, if you’d like to explore the convenience of a charter flight directly to Key West.

Key West Tarpon Fishing & Islamorada Tarpon Fishing

Florida Keys Fishing for Tarpon is about as good as it gets. Where else can you catch Tarpon up to 100 pounds within 20 feet of shore! Fishing the bridges near Islamorada at night is a great way to score a nice Tarpon. Live Bait is the key to successful tarpon fishing here in the Keys. If fly fishing is your game, then you will want to head into the back country and stalk the Tarpon just off the flats in 2-4 feet of water. There is nothing more exciting than watching a hungry tarpon turn on your and engulf it! All this in 3′ of water. It’s about as spectacular as it gets. Tarpon, Bonefish, Snook, Permit and plenty more await you here on the lighter side of Florida Keys Fishing!

Key West Tarpon Fishing might be one of the most exciting fishing opportunities you can ever experience. Our Key West Fishing Guides will put you on the fish, with either Fly or Conventional tackle. At OU we use a combination of Key West Light TAckle Boats and Backcountry Boats.